Advantages of Living In New England

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The natural beauty, culture and history of New England attract and delight visitors from around the world. The six states that compose the region — Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont — have distinct characteristics, but they all host visitors in all seasons of the year. Fall is for viewing the colorful foliage; winter brings all manner of snow sports; spring is the time for urban fun, museums, and cultural attractions; and summer is for getting outdoors in the mountains, meadows and beaches.

Top Universities Include:

New England’s Distinct Advantages:

Location: Boston – New York City Corridor: most innovative area in the USA.

Tradition: Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution – Global Innovation Hub.

Education: Home to the world’s most prestigious schools and universities.

Community: Thriving international network of students, professionals & businesses.

Environment: Beautiful coastline, mountains and cities with clean air and water.

Recreation: Four seasons of diverse recreational opportunities.

Culture: Family friendly communities with world class amenities.