Why Chose Investments Manufacturing Projects?

Unlike many other projects that are real estate based, the manufacturing industry has a high multiplier for job creation.

Large job multiplier Manufacturing can have significantly more economic impact than other industries and has a high job multiplier assigned by USCIS. In addition, manufacturing jobs in funded projects are long term sustainable employment. This serves to provide a higher probability or retained jobs when compared to land or building development, which often employs workers through the construction phases.

Verifiable job creation Unlike hotel, resort and other real estate related projects that only have indirect jobs, manufacturing has direct jobs that can be easily verified.

Less uncertainty Successful manufacturing companies are managed by experienced industry professionals and offer proven products in established markets. Our Regional Center does not promote “new concept” manufacturers or inexperienced start-ups.

Brick and mortar Unlike elaborate concepts, drawings and pitches, manufacturing projects offer a product you can see, touch and understand. All of our projects involve brick and mortar facilities with real employees, real products and real opportunity.

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