Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center FAQs

Why should I invest in Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center Projects?

We only offer projects with the following distinct advantages:
Approvals: All projects receive USCIS approval prior to investment offering.
Job Cushions: Attainable job creation strategy giving job cushions over 150%.
Rapid Growth: Solid financial projections and strong market potential.
Innovation: Innovative products commercialized and patent protected.
Strategic: Excellent marketing strategies with strong market niche
Focus: Manufacturing businesses generate strong job multipliers.
Leadership: Professional management with government leadership support.
World Class: Quality operations with systems in place to assure reliable growth.
VIP Concierge: Full service support network facilitating easier family transitions.

Why should my family live, work and play in the New England Region?

The Boston - New York City Corridor includes the following distinct advantages:
Location: Boston - New York City Corridor: most innovative area in the USA.
Tradition: Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution – Global Innovation Hub.
Education: Home to the world’s most prestigious schools and universities.
Community: Thriving international network of students, professionals & businesses.
Environment: Beautiful coastline, mountains and cities with clean air and water.
Recreation: Four seasons of diverse recreational opportunities.
Culture: Family friendly communities with world class amenities.

What are the key advantages of the QuickFitting Manufacturing Project?

Job Cushion: USCIS approved job creation cushion of 170%.
Rapid Growth: Over 900% growth in sales from 2011 thru 2014.
Customer Base: USA big box retailers' fastest growing & most profitable plumbing product line.
Innovation: Current products protected by 12 patents. Many patents pending.
Potential: High demand for connection technologies patented for new markets.
Leadership: Experienced, capable and well-respected management team.