RIEB-5 Timeline / Flowchart

The following flow chart describes a general timeline/flow chart of what will happen once you sign up to become an investor with us. This is a rough estimate. Please always contact us to get the most update to date information.

  • Investor contacts RIEB-5 Regional Center to establish a productive business relationship.

  • RIEB-5 builds relationship with Investor to assure "win-win" investment for Investor and Project Principals.

  • RIEB-5 determines the Investor's qualifications as an Accredited Investor in compliance with USCIS rules and regulations.

  • If approved, the Investor receives the comprehensive offering materials for review.

  • Investor does due diligence. If terms agreed to, Investor signs subscription agreement, deposits the investment amount and $55,000 developement fee into an escrow account

Investor, Attorney and RIEB-5 work together to prepare the Form I-526 Petition to be submitted to the USCIS. for their 8-10 month approval process.

Escrow account agent returns 100% investment funds to investor..

Funds are released from the escrow and invested into the designated Capital Investment Project.

  • Investor has a U.S. Consulate Interview (resides out of U.S.) or files for adjustment of status using Form I-485 (resides in U.S.).

  • Upon approval from USCIS, Investor receives conditional permanent resident status (2 year conditional Green Card).

  • Investor or his Immigration Attorney files I-829 application to USCIS for removal of conditions (12-24 months after receiving conditional Green Card).

  • Upon approval of I-829 Form, Investor receives permanent Green Card. Approximatelty 5 years later, Investor may apply for U.S. Citizenship.