Our Mission

Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center Mission:

Provide an investment vehicle for U.S. manufacturing companies to receive foreign funding through investment in USCIS approved projects that create jobs and revitalize manufacturing in the state of Rhode Island. For their participation, approved EB-5 investors become eligible for family U.S Green Cards through the USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

We will offer reviewed and USCIS approved manufacturing projects that are a “Win-Win-Win” for the investor, project manufacturer and the state of Rhode Island, as well as significant job creation models that greatly exceed the USCIS requirement.

Once approved by the USCIS, we will strive to process each project investor quickly and efficiently, assisting them in achieving their dream of a USCIS Green Card for their family in a timely and a trouble-free process.

Core Values and Core Commitments:

Customer Service: We are committed to providing each client with the highest levels of customer support and service. We seek to thoroughly understand each project’s scope, as well as the investors we serve. This commitment helps us to determine the “best-fit” for inclusion within our EB-5 program portfolio of capital investment projects.

Quality Assurance: We start with a comprehensive qualification process for the manufacturer and the investor. If qualified, a USCIS approved structured process is followed to closely monitor each investment, verify individual project job creation and qualify the investor for permanent residency and American citizenship.

Win-Win-Win Collaboration: We focus our due diligence on how the proposed project can achieve the required EB-5 program objectives – how the investment can develop into a win-win-win for the manufacturer, the investor, and the State of Rhode Island.

Stakeholder Loyalty: We communicate openly and frequently to achieve common goals of principals, clients, investors and community partners.

Exemplary Ethics: Honesty, integrity and social responsibility are the heart of our business.

Consistency: True to our founding principles, to act on them in everything we do, every day.

Compliance: We are committed to sustaining full compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations. We have established a quality process, as well as knowledgeable professionals that are in place to assure investors the best management practices and full compliance with all legal responsibilities.