About Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center, Inc.

  • Founded: 2012
  • Founders: David Crompton, Frank Kosky, John Cronin
  • Key Executives: David Crompton, Frank Kosky, John Cronin, Huiting Zhuang
  • Pinnacle Project: Quick Fitting Manufacturing
  • Total Investment (QFM): $20M USD
  • Amount per Investort (QFM): $500,000 USD
  • Total Investors (QFM): 40
  • Total Jobs (QFM): Project over 686 jobs (286 more than required)
  • The Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center, Inc. ("RIEB5") received approval December 4, 2014 from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”). Our Regional Center was designed specifically for funding "Made in the U.S.A." manufacturing projects that create permanent jobs within the targeted Rhode Island community, providing a vehicle for foreign investors to obtain employment based U.S. permanent family Visas.

    We operate as a private entity with strong relationships and partnership with local, state and federal government. We have adopted standard policies and procedures to assure quality management, regulatory compliance, and the excellent client support required to enable the Center’s initial Capital Investment Project – Quick Fitting Manufacturing (QFM) to engage forty (40) immigrant investors for their advanced manufacturing project. The $20,000,000 USD QFM project is forecast to create a total of 686 jobs.

    Since spring 2011, the Quick Fitting leadership team of David Crompton and Frank Kosky www.quickfitting.com had realized that their vision of manufacturing a “Made in USA” brand was best facilitated by creating a Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center. With encouragement from state government officials, the learning journey began. David and Frank engaged John Cronin, an experienced manufacturing business and civic leader, to develop the detailed plan and to serve as the Center’s COO and to become their founding partner.

    Initial market analyses found that the team’s contribution to job creation is best focused on serving all the targeted employment areas within the State of Rhode Island where advanced manufacturing can prosper. Global trends and the team’s trustworthy business network further focused our efforts towards connecting primarily with investors from China. The management team was further enhanced by engaging Shirley Liu as their Market Research Analyst and Huiting Zhuang as Account Manager for the Asian / Pacific market.

    Other complementary strengths were added with the inclusion of Sixcia Devine, Account Manager for the Europe / Latin America market; James Briden, Immigration Attorney www.blaislaw.com; and Theodore Howell, Securities Attorney.

    Economic impact analysis conducted by Commerce RI (www.commerceri.com) utilizing the REMI economic impact software program to forecast the key statewide results of the QFM project – 686 direct, indirect and induced jobs. The RI Department of Labor & Training www.dlt.state.ri.us has designated the QFM facility area as a targeted employment area and has agreed to use employment tax records to verify the job creation results needed for USCIS approval of investor visas.

    The QFM Capital Investment Project (CIP) serves as a model for subsequent CIPs. Our key value proposition is the facilitation of an investor’s opportunity to make a low risk investment that provides the most competitive scenario for both immigrant visa approvals and the safest returns on funds invested. In order to facilitate the most attractive CIPs, all potential CIPs will be required to demonstrate evidence of a proven track record, major market advantages, intellectual property, an experienced and capable management team and a job creation cushion over 150%.